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Orbita "Sparta Open" Self-Programming Single Watch Winder

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Orbita "Sparta Open" Self-Programming Single Watch Winder

Item# 31-550098X

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9.5" L x 4.2" W x 5.8" H.
A basic necessity, these entry-level winders are compact and lightweight. They are ideal for use in safes without the need for a plug-in adapter, as they are powered by pre-installed long-lived lithium D cell batteries operating on a normal ten-minute winding cycle. Even longer life may be accomplished by using the 15-minute or extended-winding cycle, which is easily selected using the toggle switch located behind the mounting cup. Available in black or brown vegan leather.

The Sparta's self-programming winder mount features Orbita's patended Rotorwind® technology. Rotorwind® mounts enter oscillation mode once every 10 minutes, rocking back and forth in a gentle swinging action that replenishes mainspring tension and maintains constant torque. These winders approximate the TPD of traditional programmable winders while more closely mimicking the intermittent natural movement of a watch-wearers wrist, resulting in less strain on a watches' delicate internal mechanisms.
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