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Megaview Pro With Led Light

Megaview Pro With Led Light

*2.5x Lens w/ 6-10" working distance
*2x Lens w/ 18-12" working distance
*3x Lens w/ 4-6" working distance
*4x monocular lens
IncludesAdjustable Headband
This version of Megaview™ also has a bright LED light source that is very light weight. The battery and light box can be completely removed if desired.

The Megaview Pro Led can accommodate two lenses at a time so that the magnification will be increased dramatically for extremely close-up work. The unit also comes with a monocular lens that can be attached in front of the binocular lens to give you increased magnification for one eye only. The lens attaches to the frame quickly and swings up and away from your vision when not needed.

Set Includes:

  • Adjustable headband
  • 2X lens with 18-12” working distance
  • 2.5X lens with 6-10” working distance
  • 3X lens with 4-6” working distance
  • 4X Monocular lens
  • Batteries
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