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Sony/Murata 2450 (CR2450) Battery, Pk/5

Item# 21-S2450

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3V lithium ion battery measures 24.5 x 5.0 MM. Mercury-free. Compatible with all other IEC-standard CR2450 models. NB: Due to federal restrictions, our lithium batteries ship by ground ONLY.

SONY offers a comprehensive range of 0% mercury, EC-compliant, ultra-compact batteries for use in your watches, calculators, cameras, remotes, and more.

Thanks to proprietary high-precision material-mixing technology, SONY batteries have exceptional energy density and superb stable discharge characteristics, allowing them to be used in a broad range of applications from quarts watches to portable electronics.

Anti-oxidant, high-performance separators, coupled with a unique structure and special sealing-material treatment, means that SONY will last for years in storage and have a superior steady rate of discharge while in use.

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