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Bead Cord

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Truly nothing is as soft or as smooth as Silk. Naturseide (German for "Silk") is the traditional stringing material used by beaders for centuries. 100% Silk Bead Cord is so soft, you won't even feel slip through your fingers. Designs made on 100% Silk Bead Cord drape naturally and look elegant. Each card includes two meters (6.5 feet) of 100% Silk Bead Cord with needle attached. Made in Germany.
ColorAmathyst, Amethyst, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Red, White or Yellow
Diameter0.35mm/(0.014"), 0.45mm/(0.018"), 0.50mm/(0.020"), 0.60mm/(0.024"), 0.70mm/(0.028") or 0.80mm/(0.032")
Length2m/(6.5 ft.)
Thread Size1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8
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