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3/8" Supercut Pink

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This urea based tumbling media will improve your tumbling dramatically. Not only will it work faster, but cleaner as well. Quartz abrasive is bonded to a special formulation of urea based material that will break down at a rate that is just right, thereby exposing a new surface with a fresh layer of abrasive. Unlike other media, you will not have the glazing effect of media that does not break down easily, thus slowing down the cutting process. Also the abrasive agent in these media is quartz, which does not discolor or contaminate gold and silver, resulting in a cleaner product. That requires less work after tumbling. It is lighter than other media, making it an excellent choice for delicate parts.

This aggressive media can be used to on rough castings after the spruces have been ground.

Quantity Per Pack5 lbs Jar
Type3/8" Super Cut Cones or 3/8" Super Cut Pyramids
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