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Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder on Base

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  • Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder on Base

Orion™ 150s Pulse Arc Welder on Base

Item# 69-580B

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Orion 150s with Microscope & Base

  • 2 to 150 Joules of power
  • Agitation and Ignition
  • Tack Welding
  • Large touch screen display
  • 3-in-1 capabilities
  • Stereo Microscope on retractable arm with Optical Shutter, Light, and 5x / 10x Magnification
  • The Orion S Series welders are powerful and robust micro pulse arc welders, and are ideal for many different applications including mold repair, medical devices, working with wires, jewelry, and other unique welding solutions. Sunstone Technology  is infused into the Orion S welders to deliver power, repeatability, adjustability and affordability.

    The Orion S welders can also be used by labratories, universities as well as research and development facilities. Designed for maximum versatility and control, the Orion S welders can be adjusted for extremely fine welds to very large welds. A variety of metal alloys and different thicknesses can be welded at a touch of a button.

    The Orion 150s is more basic than the Orion Pulse 150i but is still very easy to use and includes a wide range of power (from 2 - 150 joules of energy), giving users the ability to weld smaller applications in the lower energy settings and larger applications in the higher energy settings. Users will enjoy a touch screen interface that streamlines and simplifies the welding process, high-frequency agitation for precise timing control, tack mode for either temporary placement or permanent fusion welding, and an easy to adjust microscope with a clear magnified view of your work-piece.

    Like the Orion i Series, the Orion S series has both Pulse-Arc and tack welding capabilities. Tack can be used to temporarily place, or permanently joint two pieces together. The pulse-arc mode utilizes two separate energy banks, Pulse-Arc and the Micro, to allow proper arc ignition regardless of the power settings. Agitation options can also be added on top of the main weld pulse to allow for added penetration and weld joint strength. All these power options combine to make the Orion S a versatile and effective welding solution.

    Setting up the 150s

    This video shows the basic steps for setting up the Orion 150s

    Orion 150s Arm Upgrade Setup

    This video shows how to setup the Orion 150s with the microscope swing arm upgrade

    Orion 150s Welder Interface - Arc and Tack Screen

    The Orion 150s interface is very user friendly. This quick video goes over the most important interface features so that users can begin welling in minutes

    Orion 150s Welder Interface - Settings Screen

    The Orion 150s settings interface is very user friendly. This quick video goes over all the interface menus found in the "Settings" tab, to help users set their welder up to their desired preferences

    How to Weld on the 150s

    This video shows the basic steps for beginning to weld with the Orion 150s

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