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        • What methods of payment does accept?
          A&A Accept three different forms of payment for orders:

          Option 1:  Open Account –
              If you already have an open account with A&A Jewelry Supply, you will be able to use it on the site as a form of payment.  If you do not have an account yet, and would like to open an account, please download and fill out the Credit Application.  Once you have completed the form, fax it to (213) 627-1653.  For almost all open accounts, we require that you be rated either #1 or 2 with the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT).

          Option 2:  Credit Card -
              We accept all major credit cards as a form of payment, including: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, as well as Debit cards.  For credit card payments, we require that we ship to the billing address.

          Option 3:  Cash on Demand (C.O.D.) –
              We also accept C.O.D. as a form of payment.  You can choose C.O.D. Check, Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Cash (C.O.D. Cash has an extra $9 fee for each package, on top of the normal C.O.D. fee).*

              *If you choose to pay by C.O.D., there is an extra $9 shipping fee for each  package shipped. 


        • When will my order be shipped?
          All orders placed before 4:00pm (Pacific Time) will be shipped the same day, unless you are notified otherwise.  Most oversized packages which need to be shipped by trucking company will usually go out the following day.    


        • How will my order be shipped?
          A&A offers UPS as their shipping agent and almost all orders will go out using UPS as the carrier.  You have the option of selecting Next Day, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, and ground.  In some cases, depending on the size or weight of the items being ordered, we might have to use a trucking company to ship your order.  If that is the case, you will be notified before the order goes out.    

        • If I place an order with, will I receive an email confirmation of my order?
          Yes, you will receive an email confirmation once our system has received your order.


        • I placed two orders in one day, are they going to ship together?
          In almost all cases yes. We do are best to combine all orders to save our customers shipping costs. If we are unable to do so, the orders will go out seperately.


        • Why can’t I ship to an address other than my credit card’s billing address?
          In order to maintain the safety and security of all of our customers, we do not allow orders to be sent to an address other than the billing address of the credit card.  This policy is meant to ensure that the person using the card is the actual cardholder.  We apologize for the inconvenience that this causes, but we do hope our customers appreciate our goal to provide a safe and fun online shopping experience.  


        • Is there any way to ship to an address other than my credit card’s billing address?

          Option 1:
               If you already have a prearrangement regarding a different shipping address with A&A Jewelry, in which we have already verified your shipping address, you must call us at (213) 627-8004 to place your order if you want to use the shipping address.                                                

          Option 2:
                Submit your payment using PayPal.  By submitting your payment using PayPal, we are able to ship to any address that is listed on the PayPal payment.  Please note that the desired shipping address must be submitted with the payment.  We are not able to make adjustments to the shipping address after the payment has been made, whether by e-mail or phone.  We will only ship to the address listed on the payment.

              • If I am having my order shipped to a residential address, will you require a signature?
                Packages that are shipped to a residential address will require a signature. If you will not be available to sign for the package when it is delivered, in some cases you would be able to have the delivery agent hold the package at a local facility so you can pick it up at your convenience.


              • If I place items in my shopping cart but decide not to purchase them, what will happen to those items?
                Even if you do not purchase items in your cart, they will remain in your cart until you manually remove them.


              • I added gold items into my cart at a previous date and time, but submitted my order today, which gold prices will I be charged?
                You will be charged whatever the gold price is at the time of your order.*
                *This also applies to silver, platinum and other precious metals.


              • I already placed an order on, where can I review my orders?
                Simply visit your Account page and select Previous Order(s).


              • Why can’t I see some prices on ?
                In order to see prices, for certain items, on, you must login to your account.  If you do not have an account with yet, please fill out our New Account form.


              • Why don't I see any volume discounts on the

                                          Only logged in customers can see volume discounts.

              • Where can I find raw metals on
                Currently, raw metals are not listed on our site.  We plan to have our raw metals up in the very near future.  For the time being, please place any raw metal orders over the telephone at (213) 627-8004.


              • The picture of a certain product isn't correct. Who should I notify?
                You may e-mail [email protected] with any corrections or suggestions that you may have for the site.  


              • If I am already a member of A&A Jewelry Supply, how can I get my login information for

                Simply visit our Registration Page. Once you fill out the required fields and click submit, you will automatically be logged in.


              • I forgot my User ID or my password, how can I obtain them again?
                Simply visit our Lost Login Information Page, fill in your email address, and we will send you an email with your login information.  


              • How do I change my account password?
                In order to change your password, you must login to and select Account, and then select Update Your User Information.



                • If my order is shipped via FEDEX, depending on the service type that I choose, what time time of the day should I expect to receive my package?
                  Depending on the shipping service type that you choose, FedEx guarantees your package to be delivered by the following times:  

          Next Day AM:

                  By 10:30a.m. on the next business day after your order was shipped.*

          Next Day PM:

                  By 3:00p.m. on the next business day after your order was shipped.*

          Saturday Delivery:

                  By 10:30a.m. on the next business day after your order was shipped.*

          2nd Day:

                  By 4:30p.m. on the second business day after your order was shipped.*

          3rd Day:

                  By 4:30p.m. on the third business day after your order was shipped.*

          *All guaranteed times are the estimated times for commercial addresses in larger cities.  The actual "Deliver By"time does vary depending on the zip code being shipped to. 

              • Do I need to be a jeweler to buy from
                No. Anyone can buy from We have a wide selection of supplies designed for beginners to seasoned jewelers. All you have to do is register. Feel free to leave the “Company” field blank.


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